2017/2018 Game Trophy Results

The following awards where presented at the Annual Bowhunters Tournament. The 2017/2018 prize giving was held at the Katikati RSA, corner of Henry Road and Main Road, Katikati.

Egmont Trophy: Best pictorial photo taken in a hunting situation

Place Name Picture
1st Gary Johnson Hot Summer Snipe
2nd John Blair Sunrays in Trees
3rd Bernard Holdsworth Ecstasy of the Hunt

Cambridge-Buddle Shield: Best photo of wildlife taken in a hunting situation

Place Name Picture
1st Paul Huxtable Red Stag in Pines
2nd Liam Burt Fallow Stag
3rd Cody Weller Gecko

Len Purser Trophy: Best photo of bow shot game

Place Name Picture
1st Dave Gousmett Big Flounder
2nd Bernard Holdsworth Cheeky Kea
3rd Gary Johnson Alpine Bull Tahr

Tiger Loch-head Trophy: For literary achievement

Place Name Article
1st Louis Willis The Pig Whisperer
2nd Philip Bullivant Hunting for a Dollar
3rd Robert Love Jack’s Birthday Hunt

Lance Henwood Trophy: Best prepared skin (big and small game)

Place Name Skin
1st Becky Thoroughgood Goat skin
2nd= Becky Thoroughgood Goat skin
2nd= Becky Thoroughgood Goat skin

Pine Ridge Shield: Ladies deer roaring

Place Name
1st Samantha Radley
2nd Becky Thoroughgood
3nd Jenny Bullivant

Norman Taylor Roaring Shield: Men’s deer roaring

Place Name
1st Cody Weller
2nd Matt Thomasen
3rd Paul Huxtable

David Williamson Trophy: Notable Bowhunting Achievement
Mike Cassaidy – for claiming all seven deer species

Les Hart Shield: Best Goat Horns

Place Name Measurement
1st Tim Cassaidy 126 ⅜ pts
2nd Cody Lloyd 120 pts
3rd Ray Worters 109 ¾ pts

Bruce Fletcher Fish Trophy: Most fish points

Place Name Points
1st Bob Gow 366 pts
2nd Gary Keoghan 334 pts
3rd Jordan Morland 206 pts

Reuben Mills Trophy: Most small game species

Place Name Species
1st Bob Gow 23 species
2nd Katie Cassaidy 20 species
3rd Philip Burgess 18 species

Henwood Small Game Trophy: Most small game points

Place Name Species
1st Katie Cassaidy 329 pts
2nd Cooper Hansen 248 pts
3rd Glen Wadsworth 109 pts

Seccombe Trophy: Best Pig tusks

Place Name Species
1st Daniel Lloyd 27 pts
2nd Louis Willis 23 ½ pts
3rd Katie Cassaidy 22 ½ pts

Mountain Trophy: Best Tahr or Chamois horns
*RDE (Red Deer Equivalent)

Place Name Species Measured
1st Bernard Holdsworth Chamois 313.7 RDE
2nd Bernard Holdsworth Tahr 275.8 RDE
3rd Kelvin West Chamois 199.1 RDE

Red Stag Trophy: Best set of Red deer antlers

Place Name Measured
1st Matt Willis 266 ½ pts
2nd Graeme Tremain 266 pts
2nd Graeme Tremain 266 pts

Norman Douglas Memorial Trophy: Best set of Fallow deer antlers

Place Name Measured
1st Ray Worters 220 ⅝ pts
2nd Jack Russell 218 ¼ pts
3rd Glen Hallett 214 ⅛ pts

Ingerson Shield: Best deer, any species, 1st place
*RDE (Red Deer Equivalent)

Place Name Animal Measured
1st Ray Worters Fallow Deer 335.7 RDE
2nd Jack Russell Fallow Deer 332.1 RDE
3rd Glen Hallett Fallow Deer 325.8 RDE

Wakefield Enterprises Cup: Best deer, any species, 2nd place
Jack Russell 332.1 RDE
Gary Cryer Memorial Trophy: Most deer.

Place Name Number
1st Simon Ward 19 deer
2nd Gary Johnson 8 deer
3rd= Paul Ockwell 7 deer
3rd= Scott Sisam 7 deer

Department of Conservation Shield: Best deer shot on public conservation land
*RDE (Red Deer Equivalent)

Place Name Species Score
1st Graeme Warrender Whitetail 274.3 RDE
2nd Graeme Tremain Red Deer 266 RDE
3rd Paul Ockwell Rusa Deer 196.9 RDE

Steve Boyd Trophy: Most big game species

Place Name Species
1st Mike Cassaidy 7 species
2nd Kadin Willis 5 species
3rd Simon Ward 5 species

Sayer-Webster Trophy: Most points for big game.

Place Name Points
1st Kadin Willis 141 pts
2nd Simon Ward 121 pts
3rd Adrian Waters 96 pts

Kevin Williamson Trophy: Junior Bowhunter of the year

Place Name
1st Cooper Hansen
2nd Louis Willis
3rd= Jack Love
3rd= Maljan Pearce
3rd= Hamish Cripps

Bowhunter of the Year:
Bob Gow