Master Bowhunter Award

This is our premier game award. To become a Master Bowhunter a member must achieve five big game awards and five small game awards.

The Big Game Award System:

Only a single kill is needed to gain a big game award but each subsequent award must be for a different species, up to five awards.
There are 12 game species available for these awards.
Note that this is a reduced list of big game as  it does not include sharks or stingrays, pigs have to weigh 30 kg or more and there are special rules for red deer. The big game list is: Chamois, Tahr, Pig (minimum weight 30 kg), Red deer (see below), Fallow deer, Sika deer, Rusa deer, Sambar deer, Whitetail deer, NZ Wapiti, Kingfish (minimum weight 15 kg) and Wallaby.

Red Deer: To gain a big game award for a red deer it has to be shot on public conservation land, the hunter must have a current DOC hunting permit for the area where the animal was shot and the permit number must be entered on the claim form.
All game for these awards should be claimed on-line or on big game animal or fish claim forms.

The Small Game Award System:

Each small game species is allocated game points as detailed below and awards are won by accumulating the required number of points as follows:

Award Colour Points
First Small Game Award White 20 points
Second Small Game Award Black additional 30 points
Third Small Game Award Blue additional 50 points
Fourth Small Game Award Red additional 70 points
Fifth Small Game Award Gold additional 100 points

On each award, only 20 points may be gained for any one species.  However, points in excess of 20 will be carried over to the next award.

Small Game Species Point Allocation
Mammal / Marsupial Points
Pig under 15kg 10
Ferret 8
Stoat 8
Weasel 8
Goat 5
Hare 5
Wallaby* 5
Rabbit 2
Possum 1
Rat 1

*Denotes use of artifical light

Bird Points
Rook 5
Magpie 5
Peacock 5
Myna 2
Turkey 2
Fish Points Fish Points
Kingfish (under 15kg) 10 Dogfish 8
Shark (under 20kg) 10 Snapper 8
Kahawai 8 Grass Carp 5
Stingray (under 20kg) 5 John Dory 3
Barracuda 4 Trevally 3
Mullet 3 Butterfish 2
Blue Cod 2 Mackerel 2
Kelp Fish 2 Koi Carp 1
Parore 2 Octopus 1
Flounder 1 Eel 1
Sole 1 Any other fish 1

All game for these awards should be claimed on-line or on small game claim forms.

Wallabies shot at night using any form of artificial light are small game animals; all others are big game animals.

Note: NZ Fisheries bag and size limits apply at all times.  Please check the recreational fishing rules here.  Additionally minimum length for fish is 250 mm.