Q. How close do you have to get to a Deer to take it with a Bow?
A. The distance depends on the ability of the archer, most bowhunters like to be within 20-30 metre range.

Q. Do I need a hunting permit to hunt on Conservation land with a Bow?
A. Yes, a hunting permit is required, along with special conditions depending on the conservancy i.e. minimum arrow length and minimum bow draw weight seem to be the most common. These permits are free.

Q. How much money will it cost to set myself up into Bowhunting?
A. This really depends on your budget, you could set yourself up for as little as $400 with second hand equipment up to $3000 for top of the line equipment. The important thing is to buy equipment that fits you, Bows are made in different sizes to fit different people, purchase your equipment from a specialized archery shop. You cannot shoot well with a Bow that does not fit you.

Q. The are a lot of different types of Bows on the market, what type should I buy for hunting Deer and Pigs?
A. This one is a little hard to answer, Deer and Pigs can be taken with either the Traditional type (Longbow and Recurve) or the modern type (Compound). The Traditional type of Bow requires more skill to master and will require the hunter to stalk closer to the game. The modern type are easier to master and game can be taken at longer ranges. If you are not sure whether you will stick to bowhunting then a good second hand compound would be suitable. If you like the idea of hunting with a Traditional type of Bow, then by all means buy a Recurve or a Longbow.

Q. How do I join the New Zealand Bowhunters Society?
A. To join the New Zealand Bowhunters Society download the Membership Form and send it off with the subscription fee as indicated on the form, or you can enter on-line.

Q. How does the society keep in touch with members?
Society activities are published along with members contributions and achievements in the New Zealand Bowhunter Magazine. The NZ Bowhunter Magazine is published quarterly by the Society for its members. The Annual Tournament is the highlight of our calendar. This is where we get together, usually in a different location every year, to shoot a field course, award trophies and renew friendships. In addition the Society organizes hunts on a regular basis for it’s members, this is a good way for new members to meet other Society hunters.