Current Snapper records are as follows:

Postion Name Weight Date Location
1st Joel Davies 12.00 kg 18/10/2022 Northland
2nd Ricky Russ 10.2 kg 19/12/2021 Pelorus Sound
3rd Joel Davies 9.20 kg 10/07/2022 Northland
4th Joel Davies 8.15kg 08/06/2022 Bay of Islands
5th Joel Davies 8.05kg 28/02/2022 Bay of Islands
6th Joel Davies 7.90kg 23/06/2022 Northland
7th Ricky Russ 7.86 kg 01/12/2012 Pelorus Sound
8th Gene Gray 7.36kg 24/10/22 Northland
9th Joel Davies 7.00kg 10/07/2022 Northland
10th= Joel Davies 6.8 kg 01/04/2022 Northland
10th= Gene Gray 6.8 kg 05/11/2022 Northland