2022/2023 Game Trophy Results

The following awards where presented at The NZBS 65th Annual Tournament

Bowhunter of the Year : Sarah Thoroughgood
Junior Bowhunter of the Year : Mitchell Hansen

Kevin Williamson Trophy: Junior Bowhunter of the year

Place Name
1st Mitchell Hansen
2nd Cooper Hansen
3rd John Hardy

Ingerson Shield: Best deer, any species
*RDE (Red Deer Equivalent)

Place Name Species Measured
1st Liam Burt Fallow deer 383.66 RDE
2nd Marc Clinch Sika deer 342.56 RDE
3rd Simon Bullivant Red deer 323.38 RDE

Wakefield Enterprises Cup: Best deer, any species:

Name Animal Measured
Marc Clinch Sika deer 342.56 RDE

Department of Conservation Shield: Best Deer shot on DOC land:

Place Name Species Measured
1st Cody Weller Red deer 266.75 RDE
2nd Paul Huxtable Red deer 263.63 RDE
3rd Kevin Duncan Red deer 210.00 RDE

Red Stag Trophy: Best set of Red deer antlers

Place Name Measured
1st Simon Bullivant 323 ⅜ DS pts
2nd Cody Weller 266 ¾ DS pts
3rd Paul Huxtable 263 ⅜ DS pts

Norman Douglas Memorial Trophy: Best set of Fallow deer antlers

Place Name Measured
1st Liam Burt 252 ⅛ DS pts

Seccombe Trophy: Best Pig tusks

Place Name Measured
1st Gary Duncan 23 ¼ DS pts
2nd John Blair 21 ¾ DS pts

Mountain Trophy: Best Tahr or Chamois horns

Place Name Species Measured
1st Cody Weller Chamois 313.77 RDE
2nd Gary Johnson Tahr 273.90 RDE
3rd John Blair Tahr 254.88 RDE

Les Hart Shield: Best Goat

Place Name Measurement
1st Philip Bullivant 105 ⅛ DS pts
2nd Jason Sime 103 ¼ DS pts
3rd Sarah Thoroughgood 96 ⅛ DS pts

David Williamson Trophy: Most notable bowhunting achievement of the year

Marc Clinch for his No. 1 Sika deer scoring 195 ¾ points

Gary Cryer Memorial Trophy: Most deer.

Place Name Number
1st Gary Johnson 9 deer
2nd Brad Hill 8 (5 species)
3rd 3rd Sarah Thoroughgood 8 (3 species)

Sayer-Webster Trophy: Most points for big game.

Place Name Points
1st Sarah Thoroughgood 164 pts
2nd Gary Johnson 100 pts
3rd Brad Hill 93 pts

Steve Boyd Trophy: Most big game species

Place Name Species
1st Sarah Thoroughgood 8 species
2nd Brad Hill 7 (48 pts)
3rd Bob Gow 7 (33 pts)

Reuben Mills Trophy: Most small game species

Place Name Species
1st Bob Gow 22 species
2nd Charlie Huxtable 16 species
3rd James Sullivan 15 species

Henwood Small Game Trophy: Most small game points

Place Name Species
1st= John Hardy 310 pts
1st= Sarah Thoroughgood 310 pts
3rd Mitchell Hansen 117 pts

Bruce Fletcher Fish Trophy:  Most fish points

Place Name Points
1st Bob Gow 259 pts
2nd Gary Keoghan 159 pts
3rd James Sullivan 149 pts

Tiger Lochhead Trophy: For Literary Achievement

Place Name Article
1st Gary Johnson ‘The best 4×4 Tahr’
2nd Sarah Thoroughgood ‘Hunting Hi-viz deer’
3rd Mikayla Taylor ‘Mikayla’s Story’

Len Purser Trophy: Best photo of bow shot game

Place Name Picture
1st Sarah Thoroughgood ‘Sika’
2nd Gary Johnson ‘Tahr’
3rd Becky Thoroughgood ‘Journey to Master Bowhunter’

Cambridge & Buddle Shield: Wildlife photo taken in a hunting situation

Place Name Picture
1st Rory O-Brien ‘Rusa Spiker’
2nd Sarah Thoroughgood ‘Tahr’
3rd Rory O’Brien ‘Mum and Young’

Egmont Trophy: Pictorial photo taken in a hunting situation

Place Name Picture
1st Gary Johnson ‘Mountain Camp’
2nd Gary Johnson ‘Waterfall Climb’
3rd John Blair ‘Mountain river valley’

Lance Henwood Trophy: Best Skin

Place Name Skin
1st Sarah Thoroughgood Tahr skin
2nd Sarah Thoroughgood Chamois skin
3rd= Bob Gow Sika skin
3rd= Sarah Thoroughgood Fallow skin

Norman Taylor Roaring Shield: Men’s Deer Roaring

Place Name
1st Cody Weller
2nd Graeme Warrender
3rd Dean Albiston

Pine Ridge Shield: Ladies Deer Roaring

Place Name
1st Samantha Weller
2nd Becky Thoroughgood