2015/2016 Game Trophy Results

The following awards where presented at the Annual Bowhunters Tournament.  The 2015/2016 prize giving was held at the Katikati RSA, corner of Henry Road and Main Road, Katikati.

Egmont Trophy: Best pictorial photo taken in a hunting situation

Place Name Picture
1st Kevin Low Daredevil on Ice
2nd Hardie McLaren Antlers
3rd Hardie McLaren Beach – Bach – Boat

Cambridge-Buddle Shield: Best photo of wildlife taken in a hunting situation

Place Name Picture
1st Paul Huxtable Red Stag in Pines
2nd Liam Burt Fallow Stag
3rd Cody Weller Gecko

Len Purser Trophy: Best photo of bow shot game

Place Name Picture
1st Hardie McLaren Sika Stag
2nd Hardie McLaren Whitetail
3rd Simon Ward Red Stag

Tiger Loch-head Trophy: For literary achievement

Place Name Article
1st Daniel Peat Bull Story
2nd Bernard Holdsworth Moose Hunting in British Columbia
3rd Sarah Thoroughgood King of the Mountains

Lance Henwood Trophy: Best prepared skin (big and small game)

Place Name Skin
1st Sarah Thoroughgood Tahr
2nd Bob Gow Goat
3rd Sarah Thoroughgood Chamois

Pine Ridge Shield: Ladies deer roaring

Place Name
1st Samantha Radley
2nd Jenny Bullivant

Norman Taylor Roaring Shield: Men’s deer roaring

Place Name
1st Cody Weller
2nd Simon Bullivant
3rd Bob Gow

David Williamson Trophy: Notable Bowhunting Achievement
Samantha Radley – for shooting the new number one Chamois

Les Hart Shield: Best Goat Horns

Place Name Measurement
1st Liam Burt 103 ⅜
2nd Bob Gow 95
3rd Daniel Lloyd 93 ¾

Bruce Fletcher Fish Trophy:  Most fish points

Place Name Points
1st Dave Gousmett 325
2nd Bob Gow 306
3rd Philip Burgess 245

Reuben Mills Trophy: Most small game species

Place Name Species
1st Bob Gow 24
2nd Jess Ireland 16
3rd Paul Huxtable 12

Henwood Small Game Trophy: Most small game points

Place Name Species
1st Bob Gow 309
2nd Mike Johnson 216
3rd Sarah Thoroughgood 191

Seccombe Trophy: Best Pig tusks

Place Name Species
1st Daniel Lloyd 30
2nd Simon Ward 24 ¾
3rd Simon Ward 24 ½

Mountain Trophy: Best Tahr or Chamois horns
*RDE (Red Deer Equivalent)

Place Name Species Measured RDE
1st Samantha Radley Chamois 27 ¾ 334.9
2nd Allan Turner Tahr 40 ¼ 306.3
3rd Sarah Thoroughgood Chamois 24 ¼ 292.6

Red Stag Trophy: Best set of Red deer antlers

Place Name Measured
1st Bernard Holdsworth 344 ⅛
2nd Ray Worters 335 ⅞
3rd Stu Moore 313 ½

Norman Douglas Memorial Trophy: Best set of Fallow deer antlers

Place Name Measured
1st Simon Ward 247 ⅞
2nd Scott Sisam 238 ¾
3rd Roger Pearce 184 ⅜

Ingerson Shield: Best deer, any species, 1st place
*RDE (Red Deer Equivalent)

Place Name Animal Measured RDE
1st Simon Ward Fallow 247 ⅞ RDE 377.2
2nd Scott Sisam Fallow 238 ¾ RDE 363.3
3rd Bernard Holdsworth Red Deer 344 ⅛ NA

Wakefield Enterprises Cup: Best deer, any species, 2nd place
Scott Sisam with a Fallow Deer 238 ¾

Gary Cryer Memorial Trophy: Most deer.

Place Name Number
1st Simon Bullivant 17 deer
2nd Paul Ockwell 14 deer (3 species)
3rd Simon Ward 14 deer (2 species)

Department of Conservation Shield: Best deer shot on public conservation land
*RDE (Red Deer Equivalent)

Place Name Species Score RDE
1st Allan Turner Red Deer 246 ¼ NA
2nd 2nd Hardie McLaren Sika Deer 124 ½ RDE 217.9

Steve Boyd Trophy: Most big game species

Place Name Species
1st Bob Gow 9
2nd Zane Collins 7
3rd Kadin Willis 6

Sayer-Webster Trophy: Most points for big game.

Place Name Points
1st Adrian Waters 120 pts
2nd Simon Ward 114
3rd Zane Collins 104

Kevin Williamson Trophy: Junior Bowhunter of the year
Cody Lloyd

Bowhunter of the Year:
Bob Gow