By Dave Gousmett

The total number of big game animals claimed this year, especially Pigs, was down on last year but there was one major exception. There were 37 Tahr shot during the year which is by far our biggest annual tally ever. The previous highest total was 20 in 2015.

The 153 deer shot this year showed a small increase in numbers over last year but of more significance is the number of high quality Fallow bucks claimed including our three biggest heads of all time, and that has virtually re-written our Fallow deer Record Book.

During the year I received a total of 624 claims forms which is slightly less than last year. 121 members claimed game and I sent out 60 game awards.

Statistics from Big Game Animals (excluding Wallabies):

Animal # shot
Pigs 79
Whitetail 11
Red Deer 67
Tahr 37
Fallow Deer 64
Sambar Deer 6
Chamois 6
Rusa Deer 2
Sika Deer 3

The distance of the first hit varied from 3 metres to 105 metres, with an average distance of 24.6 metres, an increase of four metres from the previous year. The distance the animal travelled after being hit varied from zero to 800 metres. The median distance travelled was 35 metres.

First Hit:
The location of the first hit on the animal was in the heart/lung area for 74% of all animals taken. Individual totals included: Lungs 139, Heart 59, Spine 22, Liver 21 and Neck 11.

The broadhead passed completely through the animal in 204 cases out of 273 (75%).

There has been a big change this year with Muzzies dropping from the top spot that they have held for the last 15 years. There was a three-way contest for the lead with Grim Reaper broadheads accounting for 61 animals while Muzzy heads dropped to second with 56 animals and Slick Trick heads were 3rd on 53. The only other two broadheads in double figures were Hades (18) and Kayuga (14).

Number of cutting edges:
Four 61, Three 167, Two 46

Bow Type:
Compound 273, Longbow 2

Bow Make:
Mathews are still our most successful bow manufacturer and their bows accounted for 146 animals. Xpedition held on to second place with 55 animals while Hoyt and PSE bows claimed 19 animals each.

Bow Weight:
From 16.8 kg to 34 kg, average weight 29.3 kg (65 lb).

20 members shot a total of 43 Wallabies of which 34 were from the Bay of Plenty with 9 from the South Island.

Big Game Fish:
Only four members claimed big game fish this year and they shot two Kingfish and two Eaglerays.

Small Game:
97 members claimed a total of 6828 small game points. Some of the individual game totals were:

Animal/Bird # shot Fish # shot
Goats 340 Koi Carp 1967
Rabbits 93 Mullet 218
Possums 151 Hares 29
Turkeys 128 Flounder 142
Pigs 28 Parore 54
Wallabies 23 Peacocks 35
Magpie 15 Rat 11
Myna 6 Stoat 1
Snapper 30 Stingray 28
Eel 28 Kahawai 19
Kingfish 16 Shark 6
Trevally 6 Other Fish 25