This form is used for small game claims only.

All claims must be received by the Game Recording Officer within 30 days of the kill.  Additionally game claims must conform with the Rules of Fair Chase as defined below.  The Game Recording Officer reserves the right to decline any game claim submission.

Rules of Fair Chase – Small Game

Game must not be restricted in any way that gives the bowhunter an unfair advantage (eg water, mud, snow, traps, snares, fences or yards). This includes Hunting Ranches or Safari Parks where the game is restricted.

Game must not be taken with the use of a powered vehicle for herding or driving or directing.

The use of poison, exploding arrowheads, tranquillisers or the direct assistance of firearms is prohibited. Game must not be protected or farmed.

Small game animals must not have been bred in captivity. Young animals still reliant on their mothers are not to be taken.

Game must not be taken under any condition considered by the NZBS Committee as unsportsmanlike. For fish, NZ Fisheries regulations apply at all times.

Code of Ethics and Game Award rules apply at all times.