Master Bowhunter interview

This form is intended to gather an insight on the Society’s Master Bow Hunters. This information is published from time to time in our bi monthly magazine.

1. Your name:*
2. Current town/city of residence?
3. What is you occupation?
4. How many years have you been bow hunting?
5. Type of bow and make/model?
6. Whats your draw weight?
7. What is your favourite broadhead?
8. What is your favourite game to hunt & why?
9. Your most memorable hunting moment?
10. What do you most enjoy about bow hunting?
11. Best advice for new Bowhunters?

We need a couple of pics to support the interview.  Please attach at least two images you are happy to have published.  Other supporting images can be added if you have them.  The more the better.

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