Please be advised NZBS members need to be compliant with Level 3 conditions outlined by the New Zealand Government.  The Level 3 region has been defined as the Auckland Council Boundary extending from Wellsford to Pukekoke. The Game Recording Officers decision is final and will not enter any debate regarding claims over this period.  Further updates will be posted when available.

The published Level 3 definition is as follows:

You can do low-risk recreation activities in your local area, for example to go for a walk or a run, a swim at the beach, a day walk or fishing from a wharf.

You can hunt on private land, but not on public conservation land. You should stay within your region and stick to your bubble. Overnight trips are not encouraged. You should only hunt on foot — using quad bikes, off-road bikes, helicopters and other motorised vehicles is not encouraged.

Boating, yachting and any team sports or training are not encouraged.

You can do recreational activities by yourself or with people from your bubble.

Note game shot under Level 2 conditions will be considered as being valid and compliant with conditions outlined by the Government.