Measuring Day, May 22nd

Annual Game Trophies and Record Book entries

If you have a good head that you have shot in the past two years then you will need to get it to the Tournament. To qualify for our annual game trophies or for inclusion in the Record Book all antlers, horns or tusks must be presented in a clean condition at the AGM venue (Clubs of Marlborough, Blenheim) prior to the AGM on Saturday June 5th (Note: please attach a label with your name).

The safest way to get your trophy to the Tournament is to take it yourself. It is always great to see an inspiring display of the best heads available, especially for our younger members. It is even better if they can talk to the hunters who secured those trophies.

Heads can be brought to the Friday night ‘meet and greet’ at the Clubs of Marlborough and will be held in secure storage until they are officially measured on Saturday. They will be on display prior to the AGM on Saturday night. All heads should be collected after the AGM.

There will be a Douglas Scoring measuring day where antlers, horns and tusks can be measured prior to the Tournament and this will also serve as collection points for heads and annual trophies. It will be held on Saturday May 22nd at Allan & Dawn Metcalfe’s residence, 222 Lund Road, Katikati from 10 am. Phone 027 451-7012 (Allan) or 021 782-922 (Dawn).

If you are unable to bring your heads to this venue or to take them to the Tournament they may be couriered to Graeme Warrender at 76 Echo Valley Way, Tauriko, Tauranga 3110, Ph 027 676-6374. If you get them to Graeme prior to the measuring day he can bring them along to be measured.

Tournament Closing Dates

Closing date for Tournament entries – Friday 21st May

Closing date for game claims and photographic entries – Friday 21st May